Fairfield, Connecticut is one of our state’s most dynamic communities. Boasting a serene coastline, fascinating history, and world-class educational institutions, it’s no wonder that more people are choosing to call Fairfield home.

Perhaps your career accommodates remote work, or you’re ready to leave the commotion of the city behind for a newfound tranquility. Whatever your reason for moving to Fairfield, Connecticut, you’ll discover a quality of life second to none.

From skateparks to golf courses, you'll find what moves you in Fairfield.

Explore some of my favorite things about Fairfield, Connecticut below.

Fairfield is situated 50 miles from New York City. As such, it offers efficient access to Grand Central Station by train via Metro North & Amtrak, as well as I-95 and the Merritt Parkway.

Fairfield also enjoys proximity to Stamford, Connecticut and New Haven, Connecticut. It’s an ideal place to work from home or build a business while remaining close to global hubs like the Big Apple, Westchester, and Yale University.

From Pre-K to high school, Fairfield offers top educational opportunities for all ages to reach their potential. In addition to well-ranked public schools, Fairfield also has private schools to give families more educational options.

Additionally, the area is home to two world-renowned universities, Fairfield University and Sacred Heart University. Both institutions engage the public with community happenings, live performances, and educational events.

Fairfield’s five miles of marvelous coastline grant residents & visitors access to five beaches, several marinas, and numerous restaurants overlooking Long Island Sound. Spend a day fishing with friends or collecting seashells with your family. For those looking for lakeside fun, there’s plenty to do at Lake Mohegan, as well.

Fairfield’s beauty doesn’t stop at the water’s edge, however. There’s over 170 acres of parks to spend an afternoon, not to mention hiking trails and the Connecticut Audubon Center.

Whatever the season, there’s always something to satisfy your inner nature-lover

Think the Big Apple has the market cornered on the arts? Think again.

Fairfield, Connecticut offers a proud cultural scene for appreciators and creators alike. From art galleries to live music & theater venues hosting international acts, there’s plenty to keep you busy.

Meander through one of the area's museums or try out for a role in a community production. There’s enough for the whole family to explore their creativity.

New England known for its rich history dating back to our nation’s founding, and Fairfield, Connecticut certainly played its part. Fairfield’s established history dates to 1639 and is interwoven within the American Revolution and other key moments of our country’s history.

Today, residents can enjoy three beautiful historic districts teeming with colonial architecture. For those looking to dive into Fairfield’s bountiful history, explore the Fairfield Museum and History Center.


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